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Park Meeting
Jun 05, 2013



N 3802 State Road 76

Hortonville, WI  54944

May 5, 2013





Those present were Tom Fischer, Fran Van Camp, Stanley Voight, Orville Nelson, Joe Schumacher, and secretary, Bonnie Fischer. 


Meeting called to order by Fran Van Camp at 7:05P.M.


The following was discussed:

1.       Replacing and adding more parking bumps at Farmer’s park.  May put in some large rocks in front or around the holding tank to prevent damages.

2.       It was decided by the Committee that the ball fields would be worked 2 xs per week, not game fields just practice fields.  There are rakes available for hand raking.

3.       Will put in some flowers when weather gets warmer.

4.       Fran will spray the dandelions at park and hall.

5.       Fran will contact the electrician to install 2 more outlets by the new counter top extensions at Farmer’s Park.

6.       Discussion about installing lights on the road by Farmer’s Park.

7.       Plan to get some spring toys from Joe Schumacher to install near the sandbox for smaller children at Farmer’s Park.

8.       Discussed the silo roof

9.       Come fall plan to kill the tall grass by Farmer’s Park.

10.   Will have bark put under trees in Farmer’s Park by the Highway employees. May plants more trees on the lot line next year.


Motion to adjourn and seconded at 8:15 P.M.


No additional park meeting scheduled at this time.



Bonnie Fischer


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