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Ellington Town Board

The town board consists of three voting members: town chairman and two supervisors, and three non-voting members: town clerk, treasurer, and constable.

             The group meets bi-monthly, typically on Wednesday's at 7 pm in the Town Hall. Reports are given by the Fire Chief, EMS director, Constable, and any other groups present. Meeting times are posted in three locations, for example: town hall sign, farmer's park, and other town common areas.

             Meetings are typically open to the public and meeting minutes can be found in the mailbox outside the Town Hall doors no more than seven days following any public meeting.

             If there is something specific to bring to the board's attention or a presentation to be made, contact the town clerk to be placed on the agenda at least one week prior to the meeting:

Town Clerk
Bonnie Fischer
(920) 757-5333 or
(920) 757-5912

Board Members

Town Chairman
Joe Schumacher
(920) 739-8567

Town Clerk
Bonnie Fischer
(920) 757-5912
Sherri Fassbender
(920) 757-6986
1st Supervisor
Robert Prunty
(920) 277-4599
2nd Supervisor
Allen Kaddatz
(920) 757-5269

Adam Reichwald
  (920) 740-4278