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Property Revaluation (Assessment)

Property Assessment & Revaluation 2023

The Town of Ellington is due to conduct a full revaluation of all taxable property.  The last full evaluation for Ellington was completed in 2014.  The Town is required to conduct a revaluation prior to or during the 2023 assessment year at the latest to avoid a state ordered reassessment for the 2024 assessment year which will cost 2-3 times the amounts provided above due to WIDOR (Wisconsin Department of Revenue) oversight, etc.

The work is contracted through Associated Appraisal and will be done in 2023.  There were two options available, full interior/exterior or just full exterior.  The Town Board selected the full exterior evaluation, as this meets the requirements with considerable cost savings of the interior evaluation.  The property assessor will conduct full walk-arounds of all taxable properties within the Town of Ellington during 2023. 

What can property owner expect from the assessor?

Assessor shall physically visit and inspect from the exterior all taxable improved properties excluding those assessed as Manufacturing by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Assessor shall make a careful inspection of all buildings and improvements located on such properties and shall carefully measure, list and compute the full market value for all improvements using professionally acceptable appraisal practices. All inspections will be conducted between the hours of 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday, Saturday if necessary, excluding legal holidays or Assessor scheduled days off. Assessor and Municipality will work with the building inspector to obtain PDFs of the floor plan or blue prints for all new residential and commercial structures. Exterior photographs shall be taken of all improved properties and placed into the digital property record card.

A notice of assessment shall be mailed for each taxable parcel of property whose assessed value has changed from the previous year.

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