Building Permit Costs

Building permits will not be issued until an Address/Culvert application has been completed  and submitted to the Town Clerk at least 14 days prior.


Obtained by Calling Building Inspector
Paul Hermes   920-858-0102
New Home   $625.00
Building Escrow

*See Below

Park Fee (New Single Family Residence) $700.00
Re-Inspections $45.00/hour
(1 Hour  minimum)
Silt Fence Compliance $50.00
Remodel $130.00
New Electric $130.00
Sheds/Garages/Barns/Pole Buildings $130.00
In-Ground Pool $130.00

*Returned minus any re-inspection fees
upon receipt of completed Town Inspection Form

If building in Sanitary District,

contact Rick Fassbender 757-6986

or Harold Surprise 757-5407

Building & Residential Permits
Good for 2 Years
Obtained from the Town Board
Call 920-757-5333
Address/Culvert Permit

submit this form 1st, while county forms are being done


Click Here to download Address/Culvert Form

New Address $50.00
Small Storage- under 100 sq. feet $25.00
Driveway- Black top or concrete (Town road only)

State Road– state issued

County Road– county issued

Deck- Above ground pool or home deck $50.00
Variance Permits- Property line/culvert/driveways/encroachment  to right away $200.00
Pond Permits $200.00
CSM Review - Land Transfer $50.00
CSM Review- all other not under Ellington Sub-Div. Ord. $100.00