Puppy Mills

Our organization is dedicated
to ending the misery of dogs
kept in puppy mills where
their only purpose is to
produce litter, after litter,
after litter...

The Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project
PO BOX 516
Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin 53020



Contact your legislators and tell them how you feel about puppy mills.

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Before you shop...

Consider Your Adoption Options

Every year, millions of animals become homeless.  They are strays or surrendered by their owners.  They fill animal shelters, rescue group and humane societies nationwide.

Most of these pets are homeless through no fault of their own.

Looking for a "pure breed"? They end up in shelters and rescue groups too!
Before you buy, please consider adoption.
They all deserve another chance...
Adopt a homeless pet!
Visit them all at:


You coupld be supporting the cruel puppy mill industry with your purchase of that cute, fuzzy little dog.

Does the seller...
  • advertise in classified newspaper ads, flyers in stores, or with classified ad sites on the Internet?
  • use hand painted "roadside" signs to advertise puppies or other pets for sale?
  • advertise "Puppies always available" or that puppies are ready for Christmas, Easter, etc?
  • advertise many different breeds for sale OR offer odd, hybring or rare breeds?
The Sales Pitch
  • Are you told that the "whole deal" can be completed with one phone call or email?
  • Does the seller make excuses why you can't meet the parents of the pups?
  • Are you told that the parents of the pups are at different locations and he/she is just acting as an "agent" to sell the puppies?
  • Does the seller offere stud service to the general public or sell "breeding pairs?"
  • Are you told that there is no spaying/neutering requirement of "pet quality" pups?
  • Are puppies being olde less than 8 week old?

Visiting a Breeder at Home

Do the adult or "parent animals"...

  • appear dirty, poorly groomed or have poor coat quality?
  • act aggressive, vicious, anti-social or overly fearful?
  • spend their lives in stacked cages or poorly lit outbuildings, garages, or basements?
  • lack shelter, protection from bad weather or are not kept from getting too hot or too cold?
  • have no water available or the water that is available is dirty or frozen?
  • appear too thin or too heavy or just seem generally unhealthy?
  • seem to be more numerous than the breeder can properly care for, exercise and socialize?

Means  of Delivery Offered

  • Are you told to meet the breeder and the puppy at a parking lot or public place to sell you the pup?
  • Are the puppies beling sold at a public place like a flea market, dog auction, yard sale, swap meet or pet store, or out of the back of a pickup truck, car, or van?

The "Papers" Pitch

Does the breeder...

  • try to imply "quality" of the dog because the animal is "registered" or has "papers?" (See www.NoWisconsinPuppyMills.com/akc/html)
  • have suspended AKC registration privileges? (See www.barkbytes.com/suspend/suspindx.htm)
  • tell you that "Papers" are not available at the time of delivery of the pup? The AKC website explains why this is a "red flag" for American Kennel Club registry. (See www.akc.org/reg/about.cfm)
  • use registries like Continental Kennel Club, American Canine Association or others that you have never heard of?

Are You Dealing With a Legitimate Business?

  • Does the breeder request cash only?
  • Do they inform you that you must pay sales tax?
  • Do they have a Wisconsin Seller's Permit?
  • Has the breeder been the subject of complaints registered with local humane societies, sheriff or police departments?
  • Has the breeder been convicted of a Crime Against Animals? You can access Wisconsin court records at http://wcca.wicourts.gov/index/xsl